I Found the One

I found the perfect small cozy breakfast spot in town! I’ve been looking for a good breakfast place that made me want to say “We definitely have to come back again”. I mean, I’ve tried different spots near home that are good but nothing like Dante’s Kitchen.

Dante’s Kitchen is located in East Greenwich, RI. They are a full service breakfast, lunch and dinner venue featuring a menu with Southern specialties. That’s not all, they also have a bar. Even better!

Sage fried chicken, fresh buttermilk waffle and toasted cashews topped with house made vermont maple syrup.

My fiancé and I spotted Dante’s Kitchen on the way to the RI Air Show not long ago. We decided to go try it two weeks later. I ordered the best ” Banana Nutella French Toast” ever. Amazing! The Fact that it was stuffed with my favorite chocolate and pecans, I was one happy person for the rest of the day. My fiancé had “Pulled Pork Hash” which I couldn’t take my eyes off. Very tasty and loved the combination of pork with eggs. I promise it tastes better than it sounds. At this point we knew this was “the place”. We decided to go back again a week later. I ended up getting the same dish my fiancé had the first time. C’mon, I couldn’t help myself. He ordered “Fried chicken and waffles” The chicken had a great crust and was also cut into strips, making it very easy to cut up with the waffles. The maple syrup gave it a unique flavor. Overall, I’m sanctified with the food and customer services as well. The servers were very attentive. Can’t wait to go back and try new dishes. I will try not to make this a habit since there are many other places that I would like to try in the area. Still, Dante’s Kitchen is definitely on the top of my list!

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