About Me

About this Blog: Welcome to NR Style, my personal fashion and lifestyle diary. “Style” isn’t what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Creating a wardrobe based on your personality but most importantly, feeling confident and yourself. My diary is dedicated to being a source of inspiration for anyone who loves fashion and beauty but also have a wild heart like I do. 

 About Me: My name is Natalie Rose (also known as Naty) and I created NR Style a year ago as a place to share  the things that inspires me the most whether is art, music, culture, nature and the most importantly, my family. For me, Fashion and Makeup is a compilation of all that. It’s the freedom of being able to express my self with different colors, texture and patterns. I believe that you should always be passionate about what you like to do. I hope to growth and keep learning so I can turn this part time blog to a full time blogger. This is just the beginning so Thank you guys for the support and following along my journey.