Bday Weekend- Scenic Views

Hi guys! Here’s another late post. I should’ve posted this a few weeks ago but I’ve been busy learning and improving my editing skills. Not that I’m an expert or a professional but I’m learning or at least in the process of getting better. For the longest time I was editing my pictures with under tones more like that “bleached” look. I know a lot of bloggers who use this type of editing and I really like it however, today I’m fascinated with bright colors and faded tones. Why? Because the outdoor world inspired me to bring to life what my eyes and soul see when I’m out there. I know! It’s a huge difference and it can be very messy if you are trying to have that clean, consistent look on IG. So after I decided to change my editing I needed to delete all my old photos that had the under tones and “bleached” look. I can’t lie, starting again is a pain in butt and honestly I wish IG had an option where you can select as many pictures as you want and delete them all instantly. Instead I spent probably two hours deleting over 400 photos, one by one. Umm, yeah!

Any who, I wanted to share with you a few birthday photos from 2 weeks ago. Well these are not your typical birthday celebration photos, I know lol. I think it comes down to the main question which is where would I rather spend this special day and why? In the mountains, of course! This is the second time I decided to celebrate my birthday in the outdoors and I love it! At this point in my life, this just feels right. Maybe I’m just getting old lol, who knows. Or maybe it’s because I celebrated many birthdays in bars, night clubs, house parties and I’m over it now. I mean don’t get me wrong I still have fun here and there but there’s something about celebrating my birthday in the outdoors that brings me joy. Give me mountains, a camera and good company and happy birthday to me!

I needed to come back again to Acadia National Park, Maine. I knew that there were a few cinematic places that I wanted to visit last time I came, like Cadillac Mountain. This is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard and the first place to see the sunrise in the United State. It is one of over 20 mountains on Mount Desert Island (MDI), Maine that were pushed up by earth’s tectonic and volcanic forces millions of years ago. Cool huh? You can easily see the results of this on a smaller scale by viewing the slopes on the Porcupine Islands in the distance.

We wanted to hike up Cadillac Mountain however, we followed the GPS which actually took us to the top of the mountain. Woops! Yes, we drove instead of hiking. It was not intentional for us to drive but I guess we learned that this approximately 3.5 mile road has several small observation points perfect for scenic photos. I guess it’s ok to do something different once in a while. Overall I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.



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