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Spring 2017

Welcome Spring 2017!! I’m so excited that spring is finally here. I’m sure you are too. Ok, so the truth is that I’m not just excited because it’s finally spring but because I have a few things planned for this

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Hello March

Hi guys! I know I should’ve posted this a week ago and not nine days later lol. I’m saying “Hello March” because the countdown to spring is official and I’m obsessed with pastel colors. Ok, so the

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Comfy Day

This past weekend was longer than what I expected because one of my lil ones was sick so there was not much to do but stay at home taking care of my Yenni and drink coffee all day. I’m glad she is

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Boho Chic

I hope you guys had a good long weekend. We had “spring” weather these past couple of days and I’m so excited because winter is almost over. Yei! I’m excited not only because I’ve been dying to travel and do more outdoor activities but I […]

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Olive- Green

Happy Friday! Finally, the weekend is here. Not that it makes any difference for me. It’s my longest day at work and the roads are terrible because of the snowstorm that we had yesterday, murp! It’s

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First 2017 Winter Hike

My first 2017 winter hike was one cold, snowy, interesting and fun adventure. I was happy to go back to my second home, New Hampshire. We started hiking High Cannon Trail (which takes you to Mt. Cannon – 4,080 ft) early at sunrise with the […]

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