Christmas Spirit

A few days before Christmas guys! Am I the only one excited? I must say it finally feels like the holidays are here. We had a few snow showers, my backyard doesn’t have beautiful orange leaves on the ground anymore, it’s cold and going out shopping is frustrating, ough! The story of my life, lol. Good thing I took a week off from work so I can finally finish my Christmas shopping. Yes! Sadly, I’m one of those people who leave everything for the last minute. Next year will be different (something I always say).

My Fiancé had a Christmas photoshoot in the backyard with one of his clients and guess who took over after they left? Exactly! It was kind of cute so I stepped in.  I used his Christmas props to be part of my OOTD background but it was freezing even though my face shows the opposite. Speaking of OOTD, this knit hoodie is the most comfortable sweater ever. When it comes to sweaters, I like them a size bigger. I’m normally a size small but I bought it size medium and it was perfect. Not only is it comfortable but the price was more than right. I ended up getting a few different colors. It’s cold season so adding extra layers and… more layers is totally acceptable.

Happy Holidays and stay warm!


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Boots: ShoeDazzle

Tote bag: Steve Madden bag. Unfortunately not on site due to a old model. However, you probably can get it at any bargain store like Burlington Coat Factory or TjMaxx

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