Comfy Day

This past weekend was longer than what I expected because one of my lil ones was sick so there was not much to do but stay at home taking care of my Yenni and drink coffee all day. I’m glad she is doing much better now. I spent these past few days wearing nothing but comfortable clothes. On my last blog, I mentioned the amount of sale items that got from H&M and this green knit sweater is one of them. Super comfortable and perfect for a stay at home type of day. My jeans were pretty much ripped or destroyed by me. I buy them plain or with a small rip and I destroy them more or make the holes bigger just to give them that unique look. I love accessories and any silver jewelry because it suits my skin tone and depending on my ootd I either go over board or I keep it minimal.

Do you choose jewelry according to your skin tone or do you wear any type of jewelry?




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