First 2017 Winter Hike

My first 2017 winter hike was one cold, snowy, interesting and fun adventure. I was happy to go back to my second home, New Hampshire. We started hiking High Cannon Trail (which takes you to Mt. Cannon – 4,080 ft) early at sunrise with the expectation of finishing the hike and returning home early so my brother wouldn’t miss his shift at work. Well we got him home on time however, we didn’t quite make it to the summit (bummer). I thought we were 100% prepared for the cold and snowy weather but one thing we failed at was our lack of snowshoes or crampons, which allow you to walk in snow and climb on icy rocks (bad move). Well somehow we made it to the peak (approx. 3,000 ft high) and I was able to take a few pictures but unfortunately it was too steep and dangerous to keep going especially knowing that we didn’t have the right equipment to do so. The best part of our first hike of the year was sliding down the snow on the way back. Like any other hike, it was fun and even that little view was beautiful enough for us to say “we are definitely coming back but prepared, obviously” lol.


Stay warm!


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