Fleece Casual

Happy Tuesday! I hope Black Friday and Cyber Monday didn’t leave anyone’s wallet empty. Today I’m not sure if I regret missing out on some of the holidays deals online, although something inside me tells me that I didn’t really miss anything. All I know is that I wasn’t interested in anything specific and that’s probably why I didn’t bother to check out the deals. Not only that but honestly I feel like the long weekend drained me and coming to work on Monday was like the cherry on top that fell off. However here I am blogging and uploading pictures at midnight.

I’m going to call that

” Effort is the key to success” 

Sunday’s ootd was inspired by “lazy Sunday”. I thought it was a good idea to go shopping with my cozy Mickey Mouse fleece sweater not just because it kept me warm but it also gave me the feeling like if I was still wearing pjs. Your typical lazy Sunday consists of wearing comfortable clothes, not worrying about makeup and hair (well…with the exception of minimal makeup) and lay back and do “nada”. Ok, so it was a lazy Sunday half of the day. Late afternoon I stepped out of the house and I added a long black coat to cover up the “I woke up like this” look, which kind of gave my outfit a chic but yet comfortable look. And I kept it casual with my white huaraches.

Mix it up and have fun with it!


Shop this Look

Long Black Coat: Nordstrom (similar)

Huaraches: Foot Locker

Bag: Macys (similar)

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