Franconia Ridge Loop

I finally made it! You guys have no idea how bad I wanted to finish the Franconia Ridge Loop. This time I was determined to finish since it was my fifth time trying this bad boy of a hike. I know it might sound crazy and you must be wondering why it took me more than a few tries to actually complete it. Well, the first time my family and I were at a campground in the area (NH Camping Weekend) and decided to explorer around Franconia Notch State Park. Franconia Notch State Park is located in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest in NH. Known as my second home, at least it feels like it to me. It was late afternoon when we found out that it was approximately 9hrs to hike up and down however, we stayed for a little bit to take photos after realizing that there was no way we would be able to complete the hike.

The second time my fiancé and I came back on my birthday last year. And yes! this was exactly how I wanted to spend this special day, camping and hiking. We got to NH around 11am and started hiking up through Falling Waters on a rainy day and again, we weren’t sure if we were able to complete the hike because of the weather conditions. The rain was getting heavier and we weren’t prepared for it so we decided to turn back around and we spent the night at Lafayette Place Campground located across the street from the parking lot of Falling Waters trail. This time we were able to see more waterfalls as we hiked higher and obviously we couldn’t wait to go back again. And this is when Mt. Lafayette became my target. What can I say, I’m someone who doesn’t easily give up.

We came back a few times after my birthday and unfortunately we weren’t able to finish it. It was either because we returned in the middle of a snow storm or the kids were complaining about being tired. Ugh! Very frustrating. This last time I told myself, this is it! if we don’t finish it this time I’m done. I will forget about Franconia Ridge Loop for good. This was the day were I felt so proud of myself and accomplished. According to my tracker we hiked about 10hrs, walked over 14 miles with 32,000 steps with breaks and tons of stops for pictures. The Franconia Ridge Trail runs from south to north and links Mount Liberty (4459′), Little Haystack (4780′), Mount Lincoln (5089′) and Mount Lafayette (5240′), along a knife-edge, above-tree line trail that plunges thousands of feet to the Walker Brook and Lincoln Brook river valleys below. Steep hard rocky terrain, yet superb panoramic views on an exposed ridgeline for a long mile. Although it was very windy and I was breathing cold air it was absolutely worth it. The 360-degree view form the peek was worth all the disappointments after coming home from all the failed hikes. I so recommend this hike. Make sure you check the weather, come well prepare with the right gear and plan your hike early in the morning that way you won’t have to come back again to try a few times like (*cough*) someone that I know.






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