Hi guys! I know it has been four months since my last post. Can I still say Happy New Year? I’m going with yes, it’s still the beginning of the year, why not? So here is my first blog of 2018! As you guys can see I added Fitness/Health into my blog. Why? Those who follow me on social media know that I’m into fitness and I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle however, I never tough of sharing it on my blog. I’m not sure why. Plus, I keep getting a lot of questions on my workout routines, what I eat, my nutrition plan, how many times a week I work out etc. So why not create a Fitness Category.

I didn’t blog for four months because I wanted to take some time for myself. Time to recharge and plan on how I can grow mentally, emotionally and physically this year. Three months ago I told myself “this is it; I need to take fitness and nutrition more seriously”. I realized that I needed to make a few adjustments to reach my goal and the reasons why I hadn’t reached my goal was because of lack of consistency, discipline but most importantly not following the right nutrition plan.  Guess what? Shit is about to get real! Let me tell you guys that I’m ready to make a difference and I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you.

I started January strong and let me tell you what helped me stay motivated. First thing’s first, when you have a goal you should ask yourself WHY? What do you want to accomplish? And understand your WHY? Write it down so you have a better understanding of your reasons for doing it. Once you have this written down, post it on your fridge, dresser, mirror or anywhere you can read it daily. It’s an excellent reminder of why you want to work hard towards you goal.

Plan/Search– Plan your workout routine ahead of time. I mean one of the most awkward moments in the gym is finding yourself wandering around because you don’t have any idea where to start. Sure, developing a workout routine for yourself can be scary, but it’s really not too difficult and kind of fun once you understand the basics. (Tip) I search for videos of workouts on IG then I save them. You can create as many folders and start saving away. Save the videos by tittle, it will be easy to search for them. If you decide that Monday is going to be shoulder day, look through your “shoulder workout” album and boom! You’re not lost anymore. Of course keep in mind to look for videos depending on your level of fitness. The last thing you want is to try something new and injure yourself because you got the wrong body form or weights that are too heavy. Please study them first if you are a beginner!

Once you have figured out what days you’re going to do what, put it in your calendar and stick to it. This goes back to consistency guys! Something that took me a while to realize is that consistency is the key to anything that you want to achieve in life on your road to success. Let’s be honest, it’s very easy to fall off track in the blink on an eye. By having your routine marked on your calendar it’s easier to keep track and adjust if necessary. Creating a routine and consistency is as important as your nutrition plan.

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition! Before you even start to consider performance goals — like building muscle and looking ripped — your focus should be on optimizing your health. Generally, if you eat for health, most weight loss and fitness goals just fall into place. To improve your nutrition, it’s important to identify and understand the foods and nutrients humans are designed to consume.   Protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats that come from natural sources are designed to properly fuel the human body and repair cells and tissue. From good nutrition your body gets energy, amino acids, calcium, fat, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. All of these are necessary for a healthy lifestyle, and when you exercise you need to be sure you are getting all of your nutritional requirements.

Ugh! There’s so much that I would like to talk about but obviously I’m not going to cram everything in one single blog. I don’t want you guys to fall as sleep on me lol. These are the things that keep me motivated and in check so hopefully it can help you too.







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