Hi guys! I know it has been a while and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but I’m back. I refused to give up something that I have put work and time to build. On my last post a few months ago I mentioned about adding new content and sharing my health/fitness journey with you guys. A lot has happened since my last blog but if you’re following me on my social media, you probably know that this journey has changed my life in so many ways. I’ll get into detail as I go but I would like to take you guys to the beginning.

I’m super excited about this post because this is the beginning of all my health/fitness journey. I started with the 80 Day Obsession program and I finished it strong and happy with the results. I figured I’d wait until I was done to talk about it more and show you guys my transformation. This was definitely something new to me. It is 80 Days, the workouts are 6 days a week, and the meal plan is built on timed nutrition so you know what to eat and when. Yup! Very different and challenging I suppose.

Ok, so I’m going to be very honest. The program is tough and it requires a COMMITMENT.  At the beginning I doubted myself because 80 days sounded ridiculously long however, I wanted to challenge myself and I’m happy that I jumped right in and I did my best. Since the meal plan for this program is so particular, coaches and customers alike have been scrambling to follow it. And I’m guilty of it. Throughout those 80 days, I was offered everything under the sun and I learned to turn away everything that was not part of my meal plan although I did have small bites here and there of chocolate or pizza. I know, I’m not proud to admit that I did but I’m human and we all learn from our mistakes.

80 Day Obsession is designed for 30 to 60 day slim, tone, cardio, and muscle building. The program provides all the materials you’ll need to start like a guide, container food lists, eating plan (including vegan eating plan), workout calendar, tracker sheet, and program FAQ. The guide gives you 6 easy steps to start your journey.

Step 1: Take yours before photos and measurements.

Step 2: Calculate your calorie target

Step 3: Determine your eating plan according to your calculations

Step 4: Get your eating plan

Step 5: Watch the get started videos

Step 6: Get your workouts!

Nutrition is extremely important. 80 Day Obsession recommended following a strict, timed nutrition meal plan, pre and post workout supplements including Shakeology (Superfoods).

The recommended supplements play a role in helping your energy and results, but if you decided to do the program without supplements you’ll still see results. I personally use the lemon energize before my workouts which boot my energy. I also use chocolate recover 30 mins after my workouts which I absolutely love. It eases my cravings for chocolate, that’s for sure.

When I was going to the gym I was never consistent and I never followed any nutrition because in my mind “Ehh”, I was going to be just fine. Wrong! It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I started to feel bad about myself, doubtful and less confident. I had gained weight from the previous holidays and I had it. I was looking for a change and I found it. I challenged myself and committed to 80 Days and the nutrition plan. Not only has this program helped me learn the real definition of what consistency really means but also a disciplined mindset. Let’s say those 80 Days were the beginning of a forever lifestyle.


Now I’m honored to mentor and help women become a part of my accountability groups that I run every month which helps them get back in shape, lose some weight, create better-eating habits and even boost their confidence. Why not share what has changed my life and what I truly love and believe in. If you are up for a challenge comment below.


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