Olive- Green

Happy Friday! Finally, the weekend is here. Not that it makes any difference for me. It’s my longest day at work and the roads are terrible because of the snowstorm that we had yesterday, murp! It’s very interesting how New England’s weather can change drastically from day to day. This past Wednesday temperatures were as high as 53 and the day after we got a snowstorm. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind.

This past weekend I decided to stop at the City Park Beach near my house before going shopping and of course the wind and the cold temperatures were not in my favor. It was one quick visit to the beach with a lot of messy hair photos. It’s ok though, I learned that the best pictures are the unexpected ones and that’s why I’m sharing them with you guys. Oh and did I mention a random person stripping down to his underpants and diving into freezing cold water out of nowhere, LOL! I’m not sure if I should share that photo but you guys decide.

I love this Olive-green jacket from Forever 21. It’s my “go-to” jacket. It’s long just how I like it. It has big pockets and I like that it has a drawstring waist. Perfect for embracing my curves 😉

I love the snow but am I the only one who can’t wait for spring? I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and drive safe for those who are in snowy areas.


Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar)

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