Spring in Red

Hello beauties! Welcome to my second blog. I’m excited to share my diary with all of you. As I’ve mentioned, this is my first time working on a blog so it will take some time but I promise I will get better at it.

I know this is an odd color to start spring but what I really like about these red pants is that they are stretchy high waist-fit leggings. They are high waist even though you can’t see it because my black blouse covered it. OMG the most comfortable pants ever! Since the weather was still a lil’ bit cold here in RI, I didn’t feel like dressing “summery” yet. One thing I have to say is that with these type of pants, my curves (or should I say, hips) are more noticeable. Yes! I’ve always been curvy since I was in high school. I’ve learned to love my hips and curves because beauty is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and accepting who you are. One of the many reasons for NR Style is to inspire women to embrace their beauty no matter their skin color or body shape.

I found these beautiful golden pink sunnies at Wet Seal. One of my favorite styles for this season. I have to confess that I’m obsessed with sunglasses. Something to talk about in a different blog :). My black clutch was a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from but going back to the red pants, they’re from Burlington Coat Factory. Did I mention that I’m a budget friendly type of girl? Maybe…Oh yeah! on my Welcome home page.

I would love to know your opinion. What are your favorite spring colors?

Please share them below. After all, this is a blog so let’s talk about it…


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