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Ms RI Belleza Latina 2017

Hi guys! I’m happy to be back to my blog. Most of you who follow me on IG know that I was competing for an international tittle in a pageant (Belleza Latina) which led to a few weeks without blogging because I was busy getting […]

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Spring Favorites

For all mothers out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day. Every year my mom, sister and I go to a restaurant with the kids for mother’s day. This year we decided to make dinner at my house instead. It was a good […]

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What’s in your bag?

Ok, let’s talk about what’s in your bag? Yes, while bags are like the finishing touch, they can also be the “I can’t go out without one because it makes me feel naked” item, as I would say. What’s really in it? Are you a minimalist girl that carries […]

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