Tis The Seasons

Happy Holidays! I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. I know it has been a crazy week for a lot of people. From last minute grocery shopping, cooking for family dinners, to ridiculous Black Friday lines. Although it has been a good weekend especially due to those extra days off from work. Can’t complain.

This is the center piece of my dining room table and those two bottles have heaven inside. It’s called “Coquito”. It’s a coconut-based alcoholic beverage traditionally served in Puerto Rico.

So I decided to put some Christmas decorations in my kitchen and dining room last week but I left my back room (sun room) with fall decorations which gave my house a mix of two holidays. I know! What ever happened to “Celebrate the holidays as they come?” On that note, I typically spend Thanksgiving at my mother’s but this year was our first Thanksgiving dinner at my house with my in laws. Besides the family gathering, the best part is always the food and leftovers of course which means no cooking for a couple of days. Yei! It’s a Puertorican tradition to have “Pernil (Pork Shoulder)” even if there is turkey, at least in my family. We didn’t have “Pasteles” this year and I was a little bit bummed out about it but hopefully my grandmother will send them for Christmas (hopefully someone is reading this to her) *wink*.

It tasted better than it looked, I promise. I’d love to know what traditional food can’t be missing from your holiday table?

P.S. I wish I had taken photos of the rest of the food but everyone started eating at a different time so it gave me no chance to set up the tables how I wanted. Maybe next time…

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