What’s in your bag?

Ok, let’s talk about what’s in your bag? Yes, while bags are like the finishing touch, they can also be the “I can’t go out without one because it makes me feel naked” item, as I would say. What’s really in it? Are you a minimalist girl that carries only the essentials like ID, credit card and a phone or a Mary Poppins girl that has everything you need like hand lotion, headache medication and even an umbrella?

Personally, I vary from cross-body, clutch or weekender. Depending on what my days schedule looks like. My every day bag would be a weekender. I guess that makes me a “Mary Poppins” girl. I don’t like feeling “naked” when I’m going to work or if I’m going to be out of the house for a few hours. Plus this type of bags makes me feel “important” or “down to business”. At least I would like to believe it does lol.

On the other hand, I love cross-body. It’s my to-go bag. What I like about cross-body is that the space is limited, which means NO Hoarding! I also like that there are different ways to wear it. If I’m in a hurry or kids free for the day and I don’t have to worry about having wipes and hand sanitizer on me..

I like clutches for evening dinners and clutches with wrist straps if I go to crowded places. They’re easy to carry, easily accessible and the wrist strap prevents me from losing it.

In my weekender bag….

1- Headphones

2- Phone charger

3- Medium sizes wrist strap wallet

4- My favorite summer lotion and hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works

5- Distance glasses from Juicy Couture

6- A “small” makeup bag for touch up. Including at least three different shades of lippies, MAC powder and concealer

7- No damage black elastic hair band

What’s in your bag?

Are you Team Minimalist or Team Mary Poppins?

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