Winter Wonderland

Once again, we got more snow this past weekend and even though everything inside of me wanted to stay in, I put on one of my favorite black dresses that I used on one of the last fashion shows which I was part of and I brought to life this character that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I present to you “Naty the Dark Queen of Winter Wonderland”. I know it sounds cheesy lol but I must say it was fun getting into character however, I was freezing my butt off. Well I guess beauty is pain after all.

I wanted to use a crown to bring this dark queen to life but I decided to use what I had at home instead. My headpiece is actually a necklace that I used when I competed in pageant two years ago. I absolutely love sparkly black jewelry. I knew I was going to use it again at some point. Speaking of accessories, my choker was handmade by the talented Desiree who is amazing at everything that she does. From handmade chokers, jewelry, costume t-shirts to body paint and did I mention she is also an awesome painter? Check out her IG (@dez.designs).

I might consider doing more fantasy photoshoots. What you guys think? And what should I dress up as next time?I would like to know my reader’s opinion.

Thanks again for reading. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


Photography by: Davila Photography

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